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We are Falini Food Services

Our Position

Falini Food Services operates under the mentorship of Itakane Trading 47 trading as Capitol Caterers, who provide financial, management and administrative guidance.

Falini Food Services is an inspired industrial catering service provider to the following strategic sectors:

•  Education
•  Hospitals
•  Canteens
•  Public institutions

Our Credentials

  Regional offices in KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape

  Registered with the Central Supplier Database

  B-BBEE Level 1 accreditation

  100% black women owned

  Service provider to strategic public institutions

Our Ethos

We are guided by our vision, mission and core values to uphold a sustainable business for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

Our Vision

To continuously grow our client positioning in South Africa by distinguishing our service offering through competitive pricing, excellent service delivery and diversified meal plans.

Our Mission

To be the catering service provider of choice in the business sectors we service through our reputation of excellent service delivery, willingness to listen and ability to adapt to our clients' needs.

Our Core Values

The guiding principles that drive our business are honesty, discipline, loyalty and commitment to our clients and colleagues.




Catering Excellence

Our Meals

At Falini Food Services, we embrace the cultural diversity of our nation and understand the importance of providing nutritious and ethic specific meal options.

As a 100% black woman-owned company, we are passionate about serving healthy meals with a distinctive South African flair. We understand food - It is the heart of our business.

Serving more than 50 000 appealing and seasonal meals per month, Falini Food Services has earned a solid reputation for excellent service delivery and providing competitive value.

Our meal plans are designed in a responsible manner and with guidance from our specialist dieticians. Our experienced team of dieticians offer their expertise to identify clients' dietary needs and create nutritionally enriched and refreshing  meal plans.

Aspects such as saturated fats, processed meat consumption, portion sizes, and low GI starches are always taken into consideration in the menu planning and meal preparation for our clients.

We pay attention to detail when it comes to menu development and we source the best quality produce locally.

Falini Food Services has an extensive database of standardised recipes to ensure variety, consistent quality and meal presentation.

Specialist function catering is offered with a customised selection of menus for business breakfasts, celebratory teas, special events and formal lunches or suppers.

We are women who understand the Business of Catering.




Contact Us

8 Joyhurst Street, Westcliff, 4092

Eastern Cape
4 Teak Crescent, Hillcrest Extension, Mthata, 5100

+27 (0)82 075 2424
+27 (0)31 826 9160/804


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