Grilled Peaches and Macadamia Cambrini


1 Cambrini (or a couple of camemberts)
5 peaches/nectarines, cut in half pips removed
Brown sugar
For the brittle:
200g raw macadamia nuts
125g butter
1 cup castor sugar


  1. Heat a heavy duty griddle pan until it is smoking hot.
  2. Dip the cut side of each peach into brown sugar.
  3. Place the peaches face down onto the hot griddle pan and allow the sugar to burn.
  4. Turn the peaches over and cook slightly on the other side.
  5. Remove from the heat and allow to cool.
  6. Melt the butter in another pan and add the sugar. Allow the sugar to melt in the butter and then add the macadamias.
  7. Continue stirring the caramel mixture until all the sugar has melted and the mixture and nuts begin to turn a creamy golden colour.
  8. Pour the mixture out onto a baking tray to cool and harden. Roughly chop the caramalised nuts.
  9. Heat a large carving knife under a hot tap and carefully slice the cambrini in half lengthwise, and place the bottom half onto an oven proof dish.
  10. Place half the caramalised nuts and half the peaches onto the cheese, drizzling some of the juices from the peaches and then sandwich the other half of the cheese on top.
  11. Pile the rest of the peaches and nuts on top of the cheese and drizzle with any remaining juices.
  12. Place the completed cheese “sandwich” in a moderate oven for about 5 minutes, just until the cheese starts to soften.
  13. Toss some fresh mint leaves or edible flowers onto the cheese and serve immediately with crusty bread or savoury biscuits.